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Multidisciplinary skills
Strategic Thinking, Agile Transformation, Business Analysis, Process Engineering, Program Management, etc.
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• Insurance
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When we work hard for
something we don’t believe in,
      it’s called stress.
When we work hard for
something we love,
      it’s called passion.

~ Simon Sinek

"Brady is a unique and invaluable resource."

I could not have established our Data Program Management Office without his dedication and experience.

~ Karen Hiers
~ Karen Hiers

Northern Trust Chief Data Officer

"What is the Gospel" available now. "The Kingdom of G-d" and "The Holiness Code" are in development along with the 15-volume "One Messianic Gentile" anthology.
Every book, person, place, relationship, and event in the Bible available as structured information:
Stephenson's Bible Data is available on GitHub and
Founder and executive director of the non-profit educational organization, the Psalm 119 Foundation. Thousands of articles, studies, and commentary are available.

Brady Stephenson

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Real.  Servant.  Leadership.